Athena Valorus

Athena Valorus Jewellery & Diamonds has more than 20 years of experience in diamond wholesale and retail, and regularly hosts different types of jewellery fairs. The company provides one-stop services: including procurement, jewellery design, production and sales departments.

Purchasing Department

Visiting Israel and India to purchase original diamonds and raw materials to save costs and provide high quality, cost-effective diamond ornaments.

Design Department

Tailor-made for the guests, design unique diamond style!

Production Department

Self-designed workshops, professional refurbished, modified, inlaid stone and other services.

Sales Department

We have thousands of unique drills, earrings and pendant styles. Other raw stone products include red, blue and green, GIA diamonds (our diamonds all have international authority GIA certificate), Nanyang beads, etc., everything. You can come to the design to create a unique jewellery style.

Athena Valorus

With a large number of unique jewellery styles, the price is favorable, welcome to visit, make an appointment to buy. Enquiry or appointment:

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